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Fasting cure – a feast for the senses

Therapeutic fasting is much more than just losing a few pounds. Temporarily abstaining from food helps to detoxify and purge your entire body. All metabolic processes are revived again, which increases motivation, boosts the immune system and helps to activate your body’s self-healing processes. Even chronic diseases like allergies or arthritis can be alleviated.

Fasting is also a good starting point for sustainable lifestyle changes. Detached from the stress of everyday life, you can feel your own needs here with us and create the necessary space to overcome any ingrained habits back home. 

We are one of the international pioneers in the field of therapeutic fasting and can offer you a variety of fasting methods:

• Buchinger fasting
• F.X. Mayr fasting
• Base dieting

A team of specialist doctors and therapists are there to assist you during you fasting therapy and accompany you with their friendly help and advice.

Scientific research on fasting

Fasting not only increases vitality it also has a therapeutic effect on numerous illnesses – What  naturopathic fans have long known, is slowly finding acceptance in conventional medicine. More and more university clinics are devoting their research to this traditional healing method.