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Winter-Special vom 25. November bis 18. Dezember 2020
Unser Schutz-Konzept für Ihren Aufenthalt
In 2020 kostenfrei zubuchbar: Fasten in Stille - Heilen in Ruhe
Weckbecker-Inklusive-Programm Kostenfrei für alle Gäste des Hauses
Naturheilkundliche Tipps gegen virale Infekte von Dr. Matejka

Simply be there. Feel comfortable. Weckbecker.

With more than 60 years of tradition, we rank among the leading specialists for integrative medicine in Europe. Our treatments with the Four Pillar Concept according to Dr. med. Erich von Weckbecker focusses on humans in their entirety - with their health and individuality. We combine approved naturopathy and treatments of the academic medicine in order to offer a modern medicine for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Our treatments rank from preventive therapies and treatments of chronic diseases to setting the directions for a healthy lifestyle. Our team of experts of doctors and therapists work hand in hand and supports you on your personal path to reach a balance of body, mind and soul. With a warmness and affection that is not insincere but corresponds to our inner conduct. At a place that allows both calmness and active exchange - in the heart of the energising and wide natural landscape of the Bavarian Rhön: in Bad Brückenau.

We are looking forward to the time with you!

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