Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker

Lymphs, Weight & Diet

The lymph system is responsible for cleaning our tissue and main component of our immune system. An overburdened lymph system leads to weight gain. Our fine-tuned therapy programme helps you to reduce weight and to reach your goal of increasing physical fitness and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Included in the package 2020:

Fasting diet
incl. revitalising meals for up 3 days*
Initial and exit examination
Foot reflexology (20 min.)•••••••••••
Lymph drainage (full-body, 60 min.)•••••••••••••
special bowel massage, stimulation of lymph system and foot reflexology (30 min.)
Lymph and kidney
supporting infusion
Practical kitchen training in a group (120 min.)•••••••••••
Individual nutrition counselling
(60 min.)
Specific medical follow-up / medical conversation as required according to price list
daily (exept sundays)**:
  • Hydropathy according to Kneipp (hot and cold arm bath/foot bath/hot and cold sitting baths with herbal adding, hot and cold affusion)
  • Weckbecker Colon therapy depending on duration of fasting cure; ergometer training, therapeutically controlled
  • hot and humid package ("potato package")
  • Tea and water bar (available at any time)
  • Swimming bath, sauna area (finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath), light shower, infrared cabin, cardio fitness
    (Milon® circuit: fee required)
  • entire Weckbecker-Inclusive-Programme
NEW! Suitable laboratory diagnostics "lymph/weight": collects decisive values around the metabolism, which can be the cause for a disturbed weight regulation.141,27€

*If a fasting cure is for medical reasons not possible, you can switch to our organic VitalCuisine for € 19.50/day (800 kcal) or € 39.00/day (1600 kcal). Herewith, the fasting board and colontherapy is dropped.
**Easter Monday/ Whitmonday: only Weckbecker Colon therapy

Prices 20207 nights10 nights14 nights21 nights28 nights
EZ Standard A1.580 €2.140 €2.940 €4.230 €5.460 €
EZ Standard C1.780 €2.410 €3.320 €4.790 €6.180 €
EZ Comfort East1.970 €2.690 €3.700 €5.340 €6.900 €
EZ Comfort South + West2.100 €2.870 €3.950 €5.710 €7.390 €
Apartment A2.360 €3.240 €4.460 €6.450 €8.350 €

Our Specials in 2020

Save 10,– € in House I resp. 13,– € in House II/night and person on all bookings according to daily rate and on all packages:


24th May - 4th July


16th August - 26th September


25th November - 18th December

For the period between 2nd January and 4th April 2020 we charge a seasonal price increase. This corresponds to 10,- €/day and person for a room in House I; and 13,- €/day and person for a room in House II.

More apartments upon request 
These prices are valid from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020. 

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