Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker


Daily rate

Standard A
Smaller room with a forest view,  simple facilities, shower, WC, TV

Price per night for individual reservation
97,- €

additional charge for 2nd person: 63,- €

Standard C
Smaller room with a south facing view, 
blacony, nice view, shower, WC, TV

Price per day for individual reservation
120,- €

additional charge for 2nd person: 63,- €

Further apartments upon request. 
Extension days are possible in all packages and stays. 
These prices are valid from 2nd January to 14th December 2018. We charge a seasonal price increase for booking in the period between 11th February and 8th April 2018. That corresponds 10,00 euro for a room in house I per person per night; and 13,00 euro for a room in house II per person per night.

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