Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker


Fasting & Hiking in the Biosphere reserve

Our package „Fasting & Hiking in the Biosphere reserve“ takes advantage of the quaint environment of the Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker. The rustic, foehn free Rhön with its numerous natural and cultural monuments is a marvelous landscape in order to complement the fasting period with smooth cardio-vascular exercises. This package is particularly suitable for healthy persons with risk factors such as stress, overweight or lack of exercise. Here you come to rest and are able to recharge your batteries.

Dates 2018

18. - 25. March* | 15. - 22. April | 6. - 13. May 27. May - 3. June | 
17. - 24. June 15. - 22. July | 12. - 19. August 2. - 9. September* | 
7. - 14. October | 4. - 11. November

*Fasting & Hiking & Mindfulness
Hit the trail with all your senses. On these two dates it is your mindfulness that is placed at the center of attention. You´re training your perception, practice serenity and learn how to be in the present. Just leave your everyday life by the wayside.

Further apartments upon request. 
Extension days are possible in all packages and stays. 
These prices are valid from 2nd January to 14th December 2018. We charge a seasonal price increase for booking in the period between 11th February and 8th April 2018. That corresponds 10,00 euro for a room in house I per person per night; and 13,00 euro for a room in house II per person per night.

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