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Our Weckbecker-Inclusive-Program contains important standard benefits for our guests/ patients and is included in all packages as well as in single bookings according to the daily rate. It contains a huge range of therapeutical exercise, pedagogical health, spiritual and cultural offers as well as utilization of all facilities. It helps you to get to know healthy behaviors, to practice them under guidance and to transfer them durably to your everyday life. The offers vary on a weekly basis.

Exercises and fitness                                               

To support the fasting process and gain a new physical feeling.
Morning fitness, aqua-gym, guided hikes, Walking, Flexi-Bar, Pilates, Theraband, Drums Alive

Contemplation and Relaxation

To balance your life.
Progressive muscular relaxation, Qi Gong, meditative dance, sun salutation,
relaxing with sound bowls, laughter yoga

Meditation and spirituality

To give your fasting experience depth
Church, entry into the day, Jesus meditation, common prayer, speeches, group discussions,
life coaching


Take health matters into your own hands with precious knowledge.
Nutrition and fasting speeches, medical speeches (topics such as liver, thyroid, indigestion,
irritable colon, arthrosis, back pain, cardio-vascular issues, high blood pressure, urological diseases)

Creative courses


To explore your own potential.
Painting, drawing, doing arts and crafts, dance workshops

Feelgood offers

To give yourself a treat.
Swimming bath, sauna area (Finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath), light shower,
infrared cabin, cardio fitness, tea and water bar (available at any time),
curative water from the spring of Wernarz

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