Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker


Treatment Packages

If you chose one of our treatment packages, you are able to add a focus to your stay. All packages are balanced combinations from our wide range of therapies. All packages are medically, therapeutically and psychologically accompanied.

Liebscher & Bracht 

We offer a special therapy combination against general aches in the musculoskeletal system. Imbalances in connective tissue and muscles are eliminated with the use of osteopressure (a special pain point pressure-massage) and fascia strait-stretching. Most of our patients state that the ache intensity reduces considerably and sustainably. Let our therapeutics teach you strategies in order to achieve a life free of pain.

Icluded Quantity
Individuelle LNB pain therapy ••
LNB strait stretching ••••
Price 2018390,-€

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Liver Detox Package

Your liver often plays a key role in case of exhaustion, persistent tiredness and digestive problems. With the help of our special therapy combination, our liver detox package, you are able to increase your awareness of life and to improve your liver’s function.

▪ bookable at a minimum stay of 10 days.

Included Quantity
Ultrasonography of abdominal organs
Special massage and acupressure of stomach, gallbladder, small and large bowel ••
Osteopathy for liver stimulation
Fascia massage ••
Injection with liver stimulating agent compound •••••
Price 2018330,-€

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Strengthening the lymph flow can have many positive effects in case of persistent complaints or chronic illnesses. Immune system and metabolism are relieved and the body weight lowers. Lymphatic drainages, a special intestine massage, foot reflexology and lymph supporting injections release blockades and stimulate excretion.

▪ on doctor’s orders during initial examination.

Included Quantity
Lymphatic drainages (60 min.) ••
Weckbecker therapy (30 min.) ••
Foot reflexology (40 min.)
Lymph supporting, naturopathic injections •••
Price 2018280,-€

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Package Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Despite daily stress and challenging situations it is possible to gain mindfulness, serenity and to centre yourself. With practical exercises, exchange and background knowledge you get to know the position of mindfulness and train it in different contexts (movement, conversation, silence). The stress reducing and health-conducting effect of mindfulness has been tested and improved over for hundreds of years.

Included Quantity
Practice session (90 min) with a diversity of exercises, impulses on how you can transfer those into your daily life, background knowledge and exchange of experiences ••••
Price 201880,-€

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