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Weckbecker Interval Fasting

Alternatively to our Organic VitalCuisine in full board, we offer you the possibility to get to know “Interval Fasting” in our package “Weckbecker EnjoyTime”.

This kind of fasting characterizes a certain rhythm of periods of time where you eat and where you pause eating.


Ideally, dinner is replaced by a vegetable broth with a high mineral content. When you resist eating solid food in the evening, you can easily reach the ideal fasting length of 16 hours. The organism is relieved during night and the body starts to change its metabolism as it usually only does when fasting classically. It also triggers detoxication and repair processes during this digestive pause.

In order for the positive effects of the fasting cure to work over the long term, you should ingest fresh and base-containing foods during the 8 hours mealtime. Our Organic  VitalCuisine is, therefore, the ideal base for interval fasting.

Including two specific nutrition counselings

At the beginning of your stay you decide together with our nutritionists whether you would like to replace your dinner or breakfast in the clinic with a fasting broth, resp. freshly squeezed carrot juice – based on your daily routine at home and your personal needs or preferences.

In a second counselling at the end of your stay you get specific advice on how to apply the rhythm of interval fasting easily to your everyday life.

Use our guided interval fasting as a first step into a healthy lifestyle or as an support on your way towards your feelgood weight.

Included in the package 2019:

Intervalfasting food from our
organic VitalCuisine
7 10 14
Initial and exit examination
Individual nutrition counselling (30 min.) •• ••
Individual nutrition counselling (60 min.)
Classic Massage (20 min.) •• ••
Hydropathy according to Kneipp
hot and cold arm bath/foot bath/sitting bath with herbal addings,
hot and cold affusion
Specific medical follow-up
  • Tea and water bar (available at any time)
  • Swimming bath, sauna area (finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath), light shower, infrared cabin, cardio fitness
    (Milon® circuit: fee required)
  • entire Weckbecker-Inclusive-Programme
Prices 2019 7 nights 10 nights 14 nights
EZ Standard A 1.020 € 1.460 € 1.970 €
EZ Standard C 1.240 € 1.770 € 2.350 €
EZ Comfort East 1.430 € 2.050 € 2.750 €
EZ Comfort South + West 1.560 € 2.230 € 2.990 €
Apartment A 1.790 € 2.580 € 3.460 €

Our Specials in 2019

Save 10,– € in House I resp. 13,– € in House II/night and person on all bookings according to daily rate and on all packages:


14th - 27th April


2nd June - 6th July


18th August - 28th September


20th November - 13th December

For the period between 27th January and 13th April 2019 we charge a seasonal price increase. This corresponds to 10,- €/day and person for a room in House I; and 13,- €/day and person for a room in House II.

More apartments upon request 
These prices are valid from 2nd January 2019 to 13th December 2019. 

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