You have chronic diseases, want to actively practice preventive medicine, try therapeutic fasting, change your lifestyle or just need to recharge your batteries again?

We have been practicing tried and tested natural remedies in our clinic for over 50 years!

Professional attention by medical specialists and the best therapeutic care possible is what makes our therapeutic fasting so successful to help release new energy already gathered during your treatment and stay at our health clinic. A wide range of invigorating activities is also part of our treatment concept that not only supports our guests during their therapeutic fasting, but also creates impulses for their personal reorientation.
A variety of diseases is favorably affected by therapeutic fasting. Moreover, our clinic’s osteopathic pain center provides a valuable addition for successful healing and the alleviation of symptoms.

Extensive accompanying activities deepen and enrich your stay. A few are mentioned below:
Exercise therapy and Fitness: morning fitness, aqua fitness, guided hikes, walking, Flexibar, Zumba, and much more. • Reflection and Relaxation: relaxation, laughter yoga • Meditative and spiritual activities: morning impulse, evening meditation, contemplation • Lectures: on nutrition and fasting, Medical lectures • Creative painting and crafts • Psychotherapeutically led discussions: handling stress, time constraints, burnout, decision-making • Pastoral care and support: Life counseling • Mindfulness courses • Swimming pool, Sauna area, Infrared cabin and Gym

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