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How do I prepare myself for fasting at home?

Tips for a good start into fasting

• Abstain from stimulants, such as alcohol and coffee for example

• Take 1-2 pre-cleansing days eating easy to digest food, such as potatoes, whole grain Basmati rice, millet, vegetables, salad and fruit

• Abstain from meat and processed meats

• Ensure ample fluid intake with water or herbal tea

• Take advantage of this time to prepare yourself for a fastening experience for body, mind and soul and plan enough time for a stress-free arrival

What to pack

We have compiled a list of things to pack so that you do not forget anything important:

• Medical examination results

• Diagnostic findings, ECG (if available), current lab values, especially those for blood sedimentation, blood count, potassium, creatinine, uric acid, calcium, sodium, magnesium, cholesterine, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, CRP, as well as those lab values obtained so far for your specific illnesses, 10 days old at the most.

• Medication

• If you are dependent on medication, then please bring enough with you and a prescription from your attending physician.

• Weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes

• Sportswear, indoor and outdoor sports shoes

• Heart rate monitor and strap (if available)

• Hair dryer (rooms in House II are equipped with these)

• Bathrobe (can also be rented for a fee of 10 €)


Please arrive between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Our front desk closes around 8 p.m. Later check-in is not possible.


By train

The ICE train station in Fulda is only 35 km away. We are happy to order a taxi at a discounted rate for pickup from the Fulda train station. Or you can directly contact the local taxi company by calling 09741 - 937437.

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