Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker

Prevention und Therapy - our Treatments

Our guests are as individual as are their reasons for coming to us. What they have in common is the wish for attentive, individual care and a wide range of effective therapies. In many cases of complaints and diseases we can help you to activate your body’s self-healing abilities, to normalise the metabolism and to increase your well-being.

We help and support you with:

Disorders and Functional Diseases

Tiredness and exhaustion • Lack of energy • Headache, migraine • Sleeping disorders • Chronic sinusitis • Susceptibility to infection • High stress levels

Heart Risk Factors and Metabolic Disorders

Overweight • Fatty liver • High blood pressure • Slighter form of cardiac insufficiency • Lack of physical activity • Diabetes type II • Fat metabolism disorder • Gout

Orthopaedic Illnesses

Back pain • Shoulder and neck complaints • Arthrosis • Rheumatic diseases • Non-joint rheumatism (fibromyalgia)

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Digestive disorders • Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases

Many other deseases can be treated naturopathic. Contact us for your personally diagnosis.


In case of certain diseases, we do not recommend a stay in our clinic. These diseases include: psychiatric diseases such as anxiety psychosis, schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorders, advanced cardiac insufficiency, unstable angina pectoris, unstable cardiac arrhythmia, intermittently atrial fibrillation, clinically manifest (acute) tumour disease, dementia, care dependency.

We kindly ask you to contact us in advance in any case of doubt. Together with our doctors and in confidential conversations you can define whether it is advisable to plan a stay in our clinic.

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