Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker

The mission statement of the von Weckbecker Maltese Clinic

Our patients are the focus of our attention.
We strive to respectfully respond as best as possible to the individual needs and with the best possible professional and personal care.

Our patients come to us in times of acute physical, mental or emotional distress,
for preventative care and follow-up care, or they are in the process of turning over a new leaf and finding some time for introspection, contemplation away from the normal rhythms of daily life.

We help them to integrate the idea of therapeutic fasting and its associated inner rethinking in their daily lives even after they leave their daily clinical routine here.
We offer a reliable, competent and efficient help. We approach the patient's according to his or her physical, mental, spiritual and social environment and provide our treatment accordingly.

We belong to the Maltese fellowship.
We work within the Maltese association. We offer our employees a spiritual home in our Christian community.

As employees, we treat each other - regardless of position and occupational group – in a respectful, open, considerate and honest manner and support each other. We strive for a constructive dialogue that allows the prerequisites for learning from mistakes. We allow a space for trust and sincerity, both internally and externally. The relationship of trust between employees is characterized by loyalty and reliability.

Our mission statement

The mission statement of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

All work at the von Weckbecker Maltese Clinic is based on the mission statement of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta:

Attestation of faith and help to the needy

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