Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker

Osteo intensive

Arthrosis, back pain and other orthopaedic issues are often linked to incorrect nutrition and bad movement patterns. False posture or unilateral muscle usage can be the cause for pain. Our therapists get to the bottom of your pains. The focus is on individually adapted and diagnosis-oriented treatment..

Included in the package 2020:

Fasting diet
incl. revitalising meals for up 3 days*
Initial and exit examination
Classic Massage (20 min.)•••••••••••
Physiotherapy (30 min.)•••••••••••••
Osteopathy (40 min.)•••••••••••••
Specific medical follow-up / medical conversation as required according to price list
daily (exept sundays)**:
  • Hydropathy according to Kneipp (hot and cold arm bath/foot bath/hot and cold sitting baths with herbal adding, hot and cold affusion)
  • Weckbecker Colon therapy depending on duration of fasting cure; ergometer training, therapeutically controlled
  • hot and humid package ("potato package")
  • Tea and water bar (available at any time)
  • Swimming bath, sauna area (finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath), light shower, infrared cabin, cardio fitness
    (Milon® circuit: fee required)
  • entire Weckbecker-Inclusive-Programme
NEW! Suitable laboratory diagnostics "Immune/Rheumatism": provides information as to whether the complaints are based on systematic rheumatic or chronic degenerative causes.137,26€

*If a fasting cure is for medical reasons not possible, you can switch to our organic VitalCuisine for € 19.50/day (800 kcal) or € 39.00/day (1600 kcal). Herewith, the fasting board and colontherapy is dropped.
**Easter Monday/ Whitmonday: only Weckbecker Colon therapy

Prices 20207 nights10 nights14 nights21 nights28 nights
EZ Standard A1.490 €2.080 €2.820 €4.090 €5.300 €
EZ Standard C1.680 €2.360 €3.200 €4.650 €6.020 €
EZ Comfort East1.870 €2.630 €3.580 €5.200 €6.740 €
EZ Comfort South + West1.990 €2.820 €3.830 €5.570 €7.220 €
Apartment A2.260 €3.190 €4.340 €6.310 €8.190 €

Our Specials in 2020

Save 10,– € in House I resp. 13,– € in House II/night and person on all bookings according to daily rate and on all packages:


24th May - 4th July


16th August - 26th September


25th November - 18th December

For the period between 2nd January and 4th April 2020 we charge a seasonal price increase. This corresponds to 10,- €/day and person for a room in House I; and 13,- €/day and person for a room in House II.

More apartments upon request 
These prices are valid from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020. 

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